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District VIII Convention 

Rules Committee—Shall propose the rules for the conduct of business at the convention. They shall report at the first instance to the National Board of Directors during the February meeting at which time the rules will be adopted by majority vote of the Board. Convention Rules thus adopted may be changed by the Convention only by two‑thirds (2/3) vote of the assembly;

Credentials Committee—Shall propose procedures that will be used to ascertain eligibility to vote at the convention. These procedures shall be proposed to the National Board of Directors during the February meeting. Once adopted by the National Board of directors, those procedures may be changed by the Convention only by two thirds (2/3) vote of the assembly.

Resolutions Committee—Shall carry out the same duties as the Amendments Committee but in addition, 75 shall classify resolutions as:

(a) Legislative: those dealing with laws or bills of interest or affecting the League’s area of activity. Copies of laws or bills shall accompany the resolution;

(b) General: those resolutions dealing with denouncements of individuals, groups, ideologies or institutions and their actions or effects, with situations or conditions of interest or concern to the League and its work, or with setting or determining policies of the League;

(c) Special: those resolutions dealing with expressions of appreciation, congratulations, memorial observances, condolences, and similar recognitions.

Awards Committee— Shall carry out the review and selection of recipients for established awards

Auditing Committee—Shall carry through a review of the financial status of the Assembly and report to the Assembly its findings and recommendations

State Convention in Corpus Christi

National in San Antonio


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